What Is A Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a special type of bank account used by a merchant or business necessary for them to process credit and debit card transactions in a variety of ways: Online, over the phone, or through the mail. A merchant account operates under an agreement between the merchant, the payment processor or independent sales organization (ISO), and the acquiring bank in settling credit or debit card transactions.

What is the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR)

MDR is a fee charged from a merchant by a bank for accepting payments from customers through credit and debit cards in their establishments.

The rate for the merchants is quite high…

I understand that it may be quite high, but the points that are important to note is that the service that we provide to not only well-established businesses but are able to place start-ups as well. We have a turnaround of 48-72 hours AND We are non-binding; you can give us a try and if you are not happy you can give us a 30-day notice to terminate the contract.

How Many Websites Can I Link To My Merchant Account?

As long as the websites pertain to the same industry and your account manager approves the additional websites, you can link as many websites to your merchant account as you wish. However, if the industry is significantly different from the originally approved website, you cannot use your merchant account to process credit cards for that site.

How Much Do I Need To Process Each Month To Maintain My Account?

This depends on your industry type. Octapay’s banking partners that provide merchant accounts like to see processing volumes of at least $5,000 USD per month, but each industry has different standards.

What Is The Maximum Dollar Amount I Can Process In One Transaction?

The maximum dollar amount on each transaction is determined by your acquiring bank. Many banks have a $1,000 to $3,000 limit while others may not have any restrictions at all.

Do Free Merchant Accounts With No Charges Actually Exist?

Free merchant accounts are a deceptive marketing ploy or a straight-out scam. Most advertisements for free merchant accounts typically entail a free application and no setup fees. However, you will still have to pay processing fees, including a fixed transaction fee and discount rate, and monthly service fees, including payment gateway access fees and statement fees.

When does the RP get paid?

Monthly. We also send a report of transactions.

When does the merchant get paid?

Settlement depends on the volume

  • less than 50k a day weekly 2 weeks hold
  • 50k-100k a day weekly one-week hold
  • more than 100k a day daily 12 days hold
  • more than 250k a day , daily 7 days hold

If I do not have time to upload the merchants’ documents, is there no easier way?

The referral partner link can be sent to the merchant. All you need to do is send your credentials and the link to the merchant.

How do you hold the merchant account for the buy rate provided?

An SLA is sent to the merchant which is signed and which states that they are agreeing to the terms and the buy rate.

Other than the built-in fee for the White Label program, are there any other charges?

This is negotiable depending on the volume of business being brought in. The processing history and depending on the vertical will determine the transaction fee.

What acquiring banks do you work with?

We cannot disclose our partners due to not having an NDA established and as a matter of practice, but for sure we have multiple banks that we work with and have established long term relationships with them to be able to accommodate your merchants. Our acquiring banks are based in the US, Africa, EU.

Could you please give us an average fee for decline and settlement for the clients?

$0.5 is per transaction fee.

What is the average fee for SEPA and SWIFT?

Not more than 1 GBP for SEPA .

Swift is variable from 20-35 GBP depending on Bank’s wire transfer fee.

Do you do CBD?

Yes, we can do, but CBD depends on THC content and Lab report is a major factor. Depends on the website URL too.

Industries that you work with?

Merchant industries

  • Financial services (unlicensed and licensed Fx) yes we can depend on the website URL
  • Direct marketing yes we can depend on the website URL
  • Professional Services yes we can depend on the website URL
  • Billing/Collection Services yes we can depend on the website URL
  • Airtime Top-up (Telecom) – yes we can depend on the website URL
  • Prepaid and mobile money Top-up yes we can depend on the website URL
  • PayDay Loan yes we can depend on the website URL
  • Airline/travel agency yes we can depend on the website URL
  • Gaming yes we can depend on the website URL

Why is this 3ds mid? We are not a high-risk business.

We prefer to work as a 3D gateway considering we deal with High-risk merchants and to avoid CB’s.

Where from ( what country ) settlements will be coming and in what currency? we can accept only euros as we are in the EU.

Yes, we support Euros and settlements come either from Europe, the UK, or Africa.

We have an aggregated bank account, will it be ok for settlements?


Do we support 3ds or not? And if not supported, do we get notified of such cases?

We support 3Ds enrolled cards only.

Environment details- for Developer, Integration documents.

This will be shared with you once your account is approved.

Live credentials/details.- Secret Key, Shop ID, API token

This will be shared with you once your account is approved.

Technical contact.

Skype is preferable- Our tech team is available on skype.

Do you do BTC (Bitcoin) settlement or only bank to bank transfer?

No to Bitcoin. Bank to Bank YES.

MCC Codes

7995, 5399 and 4829



Test card/account details:

This will be shared with you once your account is approved.

Languages supported?

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Spanish, Italian, French

How many transactions are allowed daily, weekly, and monthly? Also, is that limited only per client’s card or per mail also?

  • 3 per day
  • 3 per week
  • 6 per month for both email and card
  • 3 transactions in total, counting both successful and unsuccessful attempts.
  • The maximum amount per transaction is 3000
  • These transactions limits can be increased upon request within 7 days of live transactions

Are you connected to any cashier system?

Yes, we are connected to praxis, bridge pay…. and many more.

Do you have a list of decline responses, explanations, and solutions for them?

  • *Transaction Failed-Cardholder verification failed
  • The card should be enrolled for the 3Ds
  • Please ensure that the customer’s address(country) should match with the country of the card-issuing the IP address should match
  • *FAILURE-DECLINED (Do not honor)
  • *FAILURE-DECLINED (Banks Do not honor)
  • Do not honor means The customer’s card does not allow the transaction that is being
  • Recommended action: The customer should contact their issuing bank to get permission for the transaction. Once the issuing bank has confirmed they will authorize the transaction, process the transaction
  • If the OTP code is added late then the transaction is

The transaction was declined due to a single email more than your one day limit.

Please check below attempts limit per email/card on the transaction.

  • Max 3 Transactions per card/email in a day (last 24 hours)
  • Max 3 Transactions per card/email in a week (last 7 days)
  • Max 6 Transactions per card/email in a month (last 30 days)

Which currencies can clients use?

Yes, the three main currencies settled in are GBP, Euros and USD. All others can be accommodated but come with the daily conversion fee of that day.

How do I sign up for a merchant account?

We have a straightforward application process. You can find more about the application process here:


Please click on the link below to register.


To apply instantly online please go to :

Apply Now

Transactions get flagged (highlighted) when the payment is expected but it is not known from where.

Typically, transactions are flagged when a player is manually registered for an event, but can also be caused by payments failing to process.

If your order is flagged, it means some of the information on your order is suspicious, or that your profile matches that of a similar fraud order we’ve previously seen. In most cases, the system might flag your order if you are using a credit card that has a different billing address than your shipping address, or if the name on either is different than the billing details of your credit card. I hope you can understand why we’re being cautious to double-check that these order details are correct!

If we will have 100-150 K USD turnover per month when we will get settlements?

Settlement Depends on volume

  • less than 50k a day weekly 2 weeks hold
  • 50k-100k a day weekly one-week hold
  • more than 100k a day daily 12 days hold
  • more than 250k a day, daily 7 days hold

Can we turn off 3ds?


Do we accept KYC/AML verification for Directors from restricted countries?

Yes, but customers should not be based there and the settlement bank accounts should not be there.

Recurring Billing


Dynamic Billing descriptor


Withdrawal option to customer’s cards



Fully refund only and no partial refund

Do you do server to server API integration

Yes, we do server to server API integration

What is the timeframe to be onboarded for a merchant

This can normally take as early as 24 hrs but typically 48-72 hours if all documents are provided and UpToDate.

Can you settle everywhere?

Everywhere except sanctioned countries. Even in restricted countries (only if they ask and are part of a restricted country)